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Digital Imaging & Printing

NGI's digital sublimation printing process creates stunning color, resolution and images that come alive with detail and provide you with a complete solution for every situation. 
From a single solid or clear image to an entire backlit wall on tempered, safety laminate or non-reflective glass, we can do it all. The choice and look is yours -- simply let us know what you want and we work hand in hand to create the stunning result you expect.​ 
We supply the best printed images on glass from your high resolution photos. These images come alive when backlit.
Application - Clear Images.png

Subli Clear Images

Our Subli clear digital color process is an excellent choice when you need super transparent color saturation and fine detail that rivals stained glass.

From high definition images to subtle gradations and images overtop other images our Subli Clear process can do it all in brilliant transparent color​.

Application - Backlit Wall.png

Subli Backlit Wall

Subli Backlit Wall was created to give a regular high definition wall more impact and presentation. We developed a complete digital printed backlit wall system. No more multiple contractor woes and marginal results. Our backlit solution gives you the complete package and exceptional results every time.

We provide the right glass, custom digital imaging, LED light panels with drivers and a four part aluminum extrusion that are all matched to ensure optimal results, and we guarantee even lighting over the entire image area with no dark spots.

Glass thickness and composition can vary to suit site conditions, and safety specifications. All components of the Subli Backlit Wall system are specifically designed to work together for the best overall results. Whether you need just the image, or the entire system, we can provide you with any or all of the individual components.

Application - Boat Images.png

Subli Frameless Images

Subli Frameless is our complete package to showcase a single backlit image. Subli Frameless allows you to backlit any single image in an elegant and complete package that is only 2 inches thick. ​​


The frameless system includes the digitally printed image on glass, LED panel, driver and aluminum extrusion for a complete solution and look that just needs to be plugged in. 

Application - Decorative 2.png

Subli Stone

Sublistone is our super high definition exotic stone image series that showcases exotic stones using state of the art digital technology for large scale high resolution detail.

True stone detail and the ability to backlit the same images on large size glass panels makes them totally unique. The images rival real stone in appearance and can be fabricated to meet safety standards for all types of architectural and design applications. 

We offer a large variety of stone patterns to choose from. 

Backlit wall - IMG_1162_edited.jpg
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