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Laminates & Safety Glass

We make exceptional decorative laminates by combining thousands of choices of color, texture, acid etch, specialty interlayers and fabrication processes. Choose from hundreds of samples or simply call us to help you make the exact look you are seeking.
Our specialty laminates cover a broad range of unique interlayers from clear, colored, silks, bronze, silver, copper, hand rubbed antique, sandblast, paint and digital imaging all combined with all types of glass and processing techniques. 
All our laminates meet the highest safety ratings, are UL GREENGUARD Gold and Greener Seal Certified for low VOCs and warrantied for 10 years.
Colour Laminate.png

Coloured Laminates

Wire Mesh Laminate.png

Wire Mesh Laminates

Wire Mesh - 20200826_104400_edited.jpg

Wire Mesh Laminates

Milk Laminate.png

Milk Laminates

Above we have our colored laminates, which range from clear transparent to translucent and opaque with many additional made to order options. Also, our wire mesh laminates can also be combined with mirror, acid etch, color, and back paint options.

Below is our Crushed Ice laminate, which mimics the look of broken glass but still retains its overall safety glass rating. Choose from ultra-clear to mirrored or almost any color and shape for this unique look.
Crushed Ice.png


Crushed Ice - 20181010_144905.jpg

Crushed Ice Laminates

Crushed Ice - 20181010_144916.jpg

Safety & Security Glass

We fabricate all types of laminated safety glass including clear, bent, decorative glass and Breakthrough Resistant™ glass.

Breakthrough Resistant™ glass in addition to being a safety 
glass provides the highest level of security and is unmatched by traditional safety and toughened glass options.
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